The Rivalry Proposal

The Thoughtful Gamecock recently published an article regarding the state of the USC/Clemson rivalry.  The article proposes a new trophy, a new name and a new lease on life for our state’s biggest game.  The full proposal can be read here.

Since publishing this article, this humble blog as been innundated with visitors from all across the Gamecock Nation (plus interested Clemson fans) who are hungry for an approach to the rivalry that more adequately reflects the passions of fans of both schools.  Kind words have been spoken, suggestions made and a deeply gratifying level of interest has been displayed by football fans from across the state, and indeed, the nation.  For this, Thoughtful Gamecock is deeply grateful.  Thank you all for your interest in this proposal and continued support.

Fans representing a number of online Gamecock resources have started threads in support of our proposal, and to them The Thoughtful Gamecock offers a humble tip of the comb.

Special thanks to Ryan, who started a great thread at Cockytalk that really got the ball rolling.

Thanks to dj_chickenskratch at Gamecock Central, who did the same thing.

The Feathered Warrior at Garnet and Black Attack did his part too.

Pale Rider got the ball rolling over at The Big Spur.

Clemson fan jdblake threw us a mention over at Block-C. threw us some love, too.

These fans and sites put our modest proposal in the public eye, and fans who follow us on Facebook and Twitter kept even the most casual fans engaged with the idea, linking, relinking and liking post from all of the aforementioned sites.  Thank you all so much.

Ryan from Cockytalk did us one better, by starting an online petition for the implementation of our proposal, which can be found here.  This petition is the beating heart of the whole thing.  Read it, sign it and tell your friends about it.  Link them to it via facebook, twitter and by any other means you have.  Continue to discuss it on message boards, in e-mails and in your water-cooler conversation.  Pester your local radio talk show hosts, make them aware and solicit their support.  Many have heard our proposal, but many more have not.   I ask that you continue to spread the word.

Thoughtful gamecock will endeavor to keep you posted as we continue to push this idea forward via written letters to the Athletics Directors, Presidents, Alumni, Student unions, Trustees, boosters and fans of both schools.  Any information that you may have regarding contact with anyone who may help advance our cause will be graciously accepted.

As we see it, step one in getting this thing done has been made:  lots of people are talking about it.  As long as our idea remains in the public eye, we stand a much greater chance of catching the eyes of the powers that be at both schools.  Keep talking, and eventually we will make contact.  When that happens, we will let you know and plot our next steps.

Thanks again to everyone who has lent their continued support to this idea, which can only enhance and enrich the state of football in South Carolina.  Thank you.


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