Round 2: Gamecocks host Super Regionals

Well.  My bracket got shot in the Regionals (though I expect to make up for it in the Supers since 7 of the 8 teams I picked to go to the CWS are still playing).  And my predictions for the games in the Columbia regional were totally off (except, of course, for the overall winner).  I still wouldn’t say that my predictions were off base – it’s just that baseball is such a beautiful game that can go anyway at any time.

At any rate, the Gamecocks made it safely through their regional (and defeated Clemson a couple of times which, let’s be honest, made Gamecock Nation cackle with glee), and will host the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend.  You may remember Oklahoma from the 2010 CWS – they were the last team to beat the Gamecocks in the postseason.  They were also the team that USC beat in the 12th inning to advance to the CWS finals.  So there’s some history here.

Oklahoma won their regional in Charlottesville, utterly destroying Appalachian State (my projected winner) twice to advance.  Oklahoma came through the loser’s bracket in that regional, so don’t expect them to go quietly in Columbia. Like the Gamecocks, the Sooners have been on a tear in the last half of the season.  OU won 20 of 28 games leading up to the Regional.  Then they lost game 1 and haven’t looked  back.  I stand by my prediction that USC will win this one, but I would be shocked if it didn’t go three games.

The Columbia Super Regional starts Saturday at 8 p.m.  Sunday’s game is at 7 p.m.  Monday’s game (if necessary) will also start at 7 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday’s games will be on ESPNU and Monday’s will be on ESPN2.  I’ll be tweeting game updates @ThoughtfulCock.  The games will also be available on the Gamecock Radio Network (that’s 107.5 The Game in Columbia).

In other Super Regional Action:

Stony Brook at LSU (in  Baton Rouge) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
St. John’s at Arizona (in Tuscon) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Stanford at Florida State (in Tallahassee) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
TCU at UCLA (in Los Angeles) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

NC State at Florida (in Gainsville) – Saturday, Sunday, Monday  – winner of this Super plays the winner of the Columbia Super in the first round of the CWS.
Kent State at Oregon (in Eugene) – Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Arkansas at Baylor (in Waco) – Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Christian Walker, Evan Marzilli, Michael Roth, Adam Matthews, and Matt Price were all drafted this week.

Grayson Greiner & Jordan Montgomery were named Freshman All-Americans.



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