The Movement Has Begun!

The Thoughtful Gamecock’s modest proposal (found here) has managed to find some traction thanks to the good folks over at Gamecockcentral and Cockytalk.  I urgently request that you read our original article, then head over to those sites to join the conversation.

If you are a member of any of the other Gamecock message boards out there, I humbly request you start a thread outlining our proposal and get others involved.

If you listen to any of the local call-in radio shows, I urge you to call in and make them aware of what we have brewing here.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I ask you to sign the petition!

Thank you all for the overwhelming support you have given to our modest proposal, we will have some more comprehensive news regarding this idea later today.

Thank you again, so much!

UPDATE:  Garnet and Black Attack has come out in support of our proposal!

UPDATE #2:  TheBig Spur has a thread linking us in!


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  1. Awesome! The petitions already at 129 signatures on day 1. Not bad, but i know the two schools can do better.

    We gotta keep the promoting going!

  2. love the idea! i haven’t read through all of the posts so someone may have already proposed this: if you need a state sponsor for any capital, did you consider Palmetto Moon? if you’re not familiar with them, it’s a statewide variety shop — lots of clemson, carolina, and palmetto state memorabilia. i’ve posted the link to your original post to their facebook page to generate more buzz. thanks for leading the revolution!

  3. Hi, Gullinkambi – will you send me an email to the address in this comment please? I’d like to talk some about your idea.

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