Wingo: Wonderful Walk-off Warrior

How clutch is Scott Wingo?  How many walk-off wins do the Gamecocks have this year because of this kid?  Scott Wingo is a one-man antidote to the fabled chicken curse;  a player who actually gets better as the pressure mounts, and who can be counted on to produce in the clutch.  I’m not sue there’s ever been another Gamecock like him, in baseball or any other sport.  When Wingo delivered the walk-off single that won South Carolina’s opening game against Texas A&M in Sunday night’s College World Series matchup, he elevated USC to a rare game one win, knocking a small but pernicious monkey off Ray Tanner’s back, as well as cementing his own reputation as the man who gets the job done.  Well done, Scott Wingo, well done.

Wingo’s heroics shouldn’t overshadow a spectacular pitching performance by Roth, who, after the wildest first inning of this years’ CWS, settled into a nice groove, holding the Aggies scoreless for the rest of the game (with some relief help) and lowered his ERA to a ridiculous .097.   Roth continues to churn out iron man effort, matching his highest pitch total of the year against the Aggies.  Who wants to bet we’ll see Roth again before the CWS is over?  Who wants to bet every other team in the CWS fears that scenario?

Did I mention that we had a guy named Jackie Bradley Junior re-enter the lineup?  Did I mention that after months away from the batter’s box he nailed the ball a coupla times last night?  Did I mention that he was last year’s CWS MVP?  It was fascinating to watch JBJr at the plate.  Throughout the course of the game he regained his batter’s eye, culminating in a ninth-inning hit that help set up Wingo’s heroics.  Mark the words of the Thoughtful Gamecock, JBJr’s return to the Gamecock lineup is the biggest turn of events in the CWS so far, and it makes USC a team that can win it all.

The Gamecocks next play Tuesday night against a terrifying Virginia squad.  I have a feeling that our entire College World Series experience hinges on that game.  With players like Roth, Bradley and Wingo in the USC lineup, you have got to like our chances.




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