Why, Jarvis Giles, Why?

Carolina fans may remember Jarvis Giles, a slashing four star running back from Tampa that became a Gamecock in 2009.  He was a recruit that we were all happy to steal from Tennessee as their three-year opus of program meltdown began, and figured to develop into a true SEC caliber running back threat.  With the addition of Marcus Lattimore in the following year, Giles’ chances of becoming the #1 guy for the Cocks diminished, and he opted for a transfer to Louisville to play for Charlie Strong.  Carolina fans were left wondering what a Giles/Lattimore backfield would have looked like.

Sad news from Louisville today:  Giles has left the Louisville football program.

Recruitniks may remember that Giles family wanted him to play ball outside of his home state, to be free of Florida distractions, like gang life and other bad influences.  I suppose it can be certain now that his family knew best, as a persistant work ethic problem seems to be the reason for his departure from Louisville.  Idle hands would certainly have been the devil’s workshop in Florida, where football players are treated as often as not like rock stars.

It’s a sad ending for a once-promising football carreer, and one cannot help but hope that this talented young man finds his way around his problems and back to the path of success.

This situation does say something positive about the USC program, I think.  It wasn’t all that long ago that high-end RB talent was being squandered at USC (Derrick Watson, Demetrius Summers)  and that our coaching staff let him go rather than begging him to stay and hoping he would eventually start to “get it” says something about where we are.  Carolina has the talent at running back to be able to prosper without a guy like Giles, and the staff seems willing to tolerate kids who won’t work to improve themselves less than ever before.  This is a positive thing, for chamionships cannot be won by players who just phone it in.

Fare thee well, Jarvis Giles.  I wish you’d have worked harder and stayed longer.  You would have been part of something special.


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