Sandstorm Reduces Me to a Slavering Heap of Football Fan


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  1. lauralovesbaseball

    I like Sandstorm. I think it’s a great way to get all of the fans into it. Definitely good for a football game. However, it seems that this year, the powers that be were trying to get Sandstorm to also be a song for baseball games. I don’t think it works – not as many fans, not as intense of an atmosphere. Plus playing it in between every inning and during every timeout/pitching change gets really old, really fast. It loses its luster after awhile. Unfortunately, as a result, I’m coming to despise Sandstorm. I’m sure I’ll be back on board by the time football season rolls around, but for now, I’d be thrilled if I never heard the song again.

  2. I understand your concerns. Sandstorm became something that was unique to USC during the football season, and was such a big hit with the fans that I’m not suprized that the powers that be tried it during the baseball games. The atmosphere is all wrong for high-energy electronica, of course, but you could probably get away with playing it once early, during big games. Overplay Sandstorm too much, and you risk turning it into the macarena.

    I’m still loving Sandstorm during the football games. For my dollar, it’s as awesome as “enter sandman” at VT, and a million times cooler than “zombie nation” at every other school in the nation. It’s ours and ours alone. Not much you can say that about in terms of USC gameday traditions.

  3. I love hearing Sandstorm but by the end of last football season a vast majority of the schools were playing for thier football teams so USC has lost it as our own unique tradition. I understand fans getting tired of it too at baseball games-too many innings to continually hear the song but more baseball games than football games = played out very quickly. I guess USC will have to come up with another song this season for all the other teams to steal from us. As they say Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.

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