ESPN Talks Gamecock Football

The ESPN College Football Live crew discussed Gamecock Football today.  Follow the link to see what Kirk Herbstreet, Craig James, Jesse Palmer and Urban Meyer had to say, then give us your reaction in the comment section.  We look forward to hearing from you!  LINK


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  1. I’m still amazed that so much ink continues to be spilled over Garcia’s suspension. There is absolutely no doubt the kid will play next season, and I find it kind of insulting that nobody wrung their hands or wagged their finger this hard at guys like Cam Newton, and about a thousand others that have behaved as badly or worse than Garcia.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how Lattimores’ off season work outs & conditioning will &/or have help him this season. From the ESPN Blog it seems to have helped him to improve so i’m curious to see just how much an improvement it could be. As for Garcia-i’m over all his antics and tired of people only remembering the Gamecocks because of what he’s done. This will be his last season-let him do what he can then let him walk away from it all.

  3. By all accounts, Lattimore has been a workout beast, and should be a serious contender for the Heisman. The Vegas oddsmakers, if my memory is correct, have him behind only Andrew Luck as the favorite to win. I do believe that he will continue to be as dominant as he was last year, even with the huge target that will surely be painted on his back.

    A lot of Gamecock fans have had it with Garcia, so I know where you’re coming from. If he puts up the exact same stats in the coming season that he did last year, he will wind up being USC’s all time passing leader in just about every category that matters. Should the guy win the SEC, all his bad behavior will have been worth it.

  4. carebear29229

    Your correct-he’s second to Luck as a Heisman contender so as long as he doesn’t get hurt (knocks on wood that does not happen) and continues to perform or even improve from last season there will be continued interest in the Gamecocks all season long as long as Garcia doesn’t mess up. And again your correct-if he has another good season and wins the SEC then all his screw ups will be forgotten. But only time and this season will tell what Garcias’ final legacy at USC will be.

    • You bring up a point that was heavily on my mind last year: injury to Lattimore. It’s amazing that he was able to carry the ball as often as he did without serious injury. When he took that big shot in the bowl game I cringed in terror, and then though to myself, well, we got lucky it didn’t happen sooner. The extra weight Latti has put on was nessecary to keeping him healthy this season. The SEC is just too physical a conference to have your team star in less than peak shape. How fortunate that Latti is the kind of guy who decided to do the work on his own.

  5. agreed-SEC is a very physical and tough conference and i’m glad and impressed that he not only decided to get into the best shape possible but also worked hard to add weight on that has not interfered with his abilities. i’m definetly looking forward to the season as well as the future to see what else he has in store for us. i don’t think we’ve seen all he can do and i’m curious and excited for things to come

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