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Well, here we are deep in the doldrums of the College Football offseason, and though we are still months away from kickoff, there’s still a ton to talk about.  Our Gamecocks are looking like the favorites to repeat as SEC East champs, perennial rivals Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida are all having issues ranging from program stability to talent loss, and it looks like the NCAA is making noise about putting some teeth into their rules enforcement.

Here at Thoughtful Gamecock, we look forward to discussing these and other topics of interest to the University of South Carolina Athletics fan.  We are not an “insider” site, we gather our information from the same sources as any other fans.  We are not a news site, and not bound by journalistic standards, freeing us to openly discuss rumor and speculation.  What we are is a group of fans who love SEC football and the Gamecocks, who were disappointed at the lack of…well, thoughtfulness on the existing message boards that dealt with our beloved Gamecocks. 

 While the blatant homerism that can be found on other sites can perhaps be forgiven, the lack of fan commentary rooted in logic can not.  We intend the discussion on this site to be driven by a logical thought process, rather the emotional response to events that we have seen elsewhere.  All are invited to participate, as long as this single, simple rule is understood.  We are interested in your head, not your heart.  We assume all hearts here long for the success of our Gamecocks.

So, get yourself registered, and start commenting!  Let us know what you want to discuss, share articles of interest, let’s get this ball rolling!   Be sure to friend Thoughtful Gamecock on Facebook, where will also be taking suggestions and updating often!  We look forward to hearing from you!


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